• Protects the reefs-  We are concerned about protecting the worlds natural reefs.  We believe that VidaRock ceramic rock is a sensible alternative to live rock harvesting that in some cases can be damaging to reef ecosystems.  It’s eco friendly, proactive and in some ways better than the real thing.
  • It’s natural and sustainable- Our synthetic ceramic aquarium rock is as natural as the earth itself.  Made from clays and materials plentiful and sustainable, no plastics or chemicals are used in it’s production.  VidaRock is made in the USA from the same clays that have made bricks, pottery and tiles for centuries while taking advantage of technological advances in the ceramic industry.
  • It’s American made- We manufacture all of our VidaRock here in our USA factory.  Having complete control of the manufacturing process gives us the power to create a positive manufacturing environment and make wise use of our resources.



Eco Friendly

VidaRock a sensible reef keeping solution.

We do our best to make sure VidaRock is a product that can have a positive effect on the reef keeping industry.  From our decision to manufacture here in our USA factory to our commitment to offer an effective alternative to live rock harvesting we are constantly striving to introduce sensible reef keeping solutions.