Biological Filtration

How it Works


Fish waste and decaying organic matter produce ammonia which if not removed from the aquarium can be toxic to aquarium livestock.  Biological filtration is the process by which specialized bacteria convert toxic ammonia into less toxic forms of nitrogen.  These bacteria are found occuring naturally in marine and fresh water ecosystems where ammonia is present.

The efficiency of the biological filtration process is dependent on bacteria populations, pH, temperature, flow rate and oxygen availability.  These specialized bacteria need a surface to attach to where they can multiply.

Why VidaRock?

VidaRock was purposely designed and engineered with a specific internal porosity and microstructure to support maximum bacteria populations responsible for biological filtration.  VidaRock’s specialized highly textured surface provides additional bacteria attachment surface.  Taken together VidaRocks specialized porosity and surface area allow rapid bacteria colonization and in a short time will grow into a natural biological filter of amazing biological density.

Take a Closer Look

VidaRock cross sections viewed under SEM (scanning electron microscope)

Pore Size Distribution 150X Bacteria Attachment Surface 2500X Interconnecting Pore Space 500X