Aquascaping with Artisan Shapes

Whether you are looking for a stunning focal piece or adding to an existing aquascape VidaRock Artisan Shapes offer a one of a kind unique tank accent.


Aquascaping with Stackables

Create stunning aquascapes with VidaRock Stackables.  Stackables consist of our plate and cobble shapes, that when used in combination yield endless reef design possibilities.   Unleash your ability to stack rock.

  • Easy to Stack
  • Assorted sizes and shapes
  • Easy to build shelves, bridges, suspended reefs.

Custom Build Services

Much of our best work has been inspired by aquatic enthusiasts, who have conveyed to us their dream aquascapes, and together we have created the exceptional and unexpected.  We build to your specifications.  Our goal is to build the platform and set the stage, knowing we have helped you create that One of a Kind aquascape.  There are 3 ways to go.  You decide the route that best fits your needs.  Use  VidaRock Stackables, VidaRock Artisan Shapes or use our Custom Build services.

The Art of Aquascaping

Helping you create a one of a kind micro environment

We don’t believe aquascaping should be limited by how well you can stack rock.  Aquascaping with VidaRock is a creative process that will reward your desire to create a realistic reef and showcase natures’s beauty and your handiwork.