Why VidaRock?

We believe VidaRock opens the door to an unmatched aquatic experience.  VidaRock optimizes biofiltration, offers amazing aquascaping opportunities

and is an eco-sensitive solution to  live rock harvesting that can damage natural reefs.  VidaRock offers a host of other benefits to reef keepers as well.

Fired to high temperatures in the manufacturing process it is delivered in a near sterile and inert condition.  Undesirable “hitchhiker” organsisms common to

live rock are never introduced into your aquarium.  Manufactured in a controlled environment from materials tested before and after firing for purity and stability,

VIDA ROCK is non-reactive and neutral and will not leach materials that affect water chemistry.  VidaRock  is economical as it is not harvested and subject to

expensive shipping and dwindling supply.  You will be happy with the predictable pricing and knowing exactly what you will get when you take delivery.  As you

compare our per/pound cost, consider that you get about 1/3 more volume than typical rock, because of Vida Rock’s high porosity.  Our “open” ceramic reef

rock structures are designed to improve water flow throughout the aquarium which aides in water filtration and helps mimic real marine environments.