How to Use it

Showcase your most prized corals with a VidaRock Frag Station.  Simply place the station in your tank and let it become part of your reef environment.  Each frag station is artisan scultpted preserving the uniqueness of your reef environment.  Each station is equipped with 1/2″ receptacle holes that will hold secure the VidaRock Frag Plug or any frag plug with post up to 3/8″.  Move and swap frags easily while maintaining the aesthetics of your reef.

Three Simple Steps


Frag Stations are available in either the 8 or 12 receptacle hole option, and a wide variety of unique shapes.  Since we give the VidaRock sculptors the freedom to create on the go, each station will be unique and original.


VidaRock coral frag stations are the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.  Give your frags some royal treatment.

Fit for a king…or coral.