Coral Frag Plugs

When we went to design our Frag Plug  we talked with coral farmers and propagators and enthusiasts and asked them what they wanted in a plug.  We heard the same suggestions over and over and did our best to incorporate them.  Try the better plug.



Coral Frag Stations

With the creation of the our frag plug it became apparent that there needed to be their equal in a frag station.  We designed the VidaRock frag station.  Available in two sizes, 12 plug station and 16 plug station.  No two stations ever alike.



At Last!  Coral propagation products designed from your suggestions and expertise.  VidaRock frag plugs and discs incorporate several unique features to make successful your coral propagation.  From the weathered coral surface, ideal for gluing, to the snap off stem for added placement flexibility you’re sure to love the better plug.